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Beth Currie

Beth is the main grower of veg for our box scheme, she also teaches other the use of compassionate communication.

About me


I feel enormously privileged to be able to be alongside such an exquisite plot of land; the soil, butterflies, silverbirch, kingfishers, red clover and more…..AND It's a celebration to be able to spend time with glorious colleagues and volunteers….together we grow ourselves, each other and projects here at Abundant Earth. I feel my interconnectedness of all things....and I choose to move, as part of the web of life, with care, responsibility and leadership as best I can. The tapestry of life has woven me through many different landscapes…I am grateful for the richness that has unfolded, the sharing of experiences with fellow humans and non humans through travel, performing arts, buddhism, raising children, direct action, celebrant work, lifeguarding, music, yoga, squatting, factory work, paganism, being lost, creating festivals and events, university, felting, catering, body boarding and there is more…..

Food growing

Info on Veg box

 Growing food offers me such nourishment and creativity. Every spring I get the opportunity to have another go at bringing new life into the garden in the form of food! I muddle my way through with seeds, watering, pests, weeding, and weather and miraculously we end up with some harvests! When I am tending the growing space I enjoy being with our volunteers and ponder what our Vegggie box members will cook with the food we grow and how they will be nourished from our efforts….I am salivating now as I write, thinking about courgettes and tomatoes!


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I love growing salad! Not just lettuce but a huge array of leaves with various colors, textures and tastes. Our salad bags often contain over 10 varieties of leaf….this is distributed among our veggie box scheme members and sold to local restaurants.  


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Compassionate communication or Nonviolent communication (NVC) has given me tools and a framework to understand why I and others think, speak and act the way we do. With this deeper understanding I have more choice in my responses to myself and others. Because my intention is for connection and compassion, my attention can more easily be on the soft, vulnerable, humanness within each of us….this in turn, truly makes life more wonderful! I am passionate about NVC and have loved learning with others through held spaces, workshops and camps. I have also spent time with individuals, couples and parents exploring different ways of being in relationships that may be more life serving. Sharing NVC brings me such joy when i see the transformation that it can have with people.