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Non violent communication

 Communication is central to our lives and yet, we are raised in our culture with few tools that enable us to express with clarity and honesty in consideration of all needs including those who

are not human.
 How easy is it to feel confused about what you feel and how to express what you need?
  How often do we feel that we have not been acknowledged and considered in the way that we would have liked?
 How do we misunderstand others and feel misunderstood so often?
 Why do we so regularly make decisions without considering the needs of the non human realm?

Around the world Nonviolent communication (NVC), sometimes referred to as compassionate communication, is used to enable more life serving. Created by Marshall Rosenberg, NVC gives us the opportunity to consider the needs of all, both human and beyond human….It helps us to create a world that is more life serving for all.
 The NVC tool kit can be used in every situation; individuals, couples, parents, organisations, the work place. Indeed NVC has been used in prisons, within HRMC, Microsoft and more…. As individuals: NVC gives us tools to help explore our inner landscapes, develop a deeper and more compassionate understanding for ourselves. It enables more clarity on how and where we would like to be in life, equips us with being able to express ourselves honestly and encourages us to take responsibility for our shit!
 In personal relationships wee can cultivate a movement towards curiosity and generosity for others whilst holding our own needs clearly in our hearts. NVC helps us see the longing of others beyond their spoken words. It Gives us tools to have those difficult conversations and offers a new path for stuck habits.
 Organisations and work settings: NVC can cultivate a setting where members and staff can feel valued and heard.   Approaching tasks through a ‘needs’ lens can cultivate self and organisational responsibility. Using NVC tools enables collaborative decision making and more ability to find strategies that can nourish all those involved. Non violent communication can help organisations have a more healthy approach with inevitable conflict thus leading to honesty, clarity and a more effective working system.

My offerings Various practice groups in Durham Collaborative trainings and workshops The Northern Nonviolent Communication gathering One to one coaching Couple work I have been learning and sharing Nonviolent Communication for 5 years and I hope to become a certified trainer by the end of 2020. I am passionate about NVC and have loved learning with others through held spaces, workshops and camps. I have also spent time with individuals, couples and parents exploring different ways of being in relationships that may be more life serving. There are many trainers world wide. Please do visit the UK website  (link below) to find offerings in the UK and go to the international website (link below) for other offerings plus many other resources.
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